How has your day been? Tough? Great? Mediocre? Stop and read awhile.Life is hard- Soften It with Laughter is designed to look at life and find a giggle. Don’t stop at a giggle….laugh out loud at some of my life’s misadventures and mishaps, ranging from bleached out possums to losing dead bodies to dealing with the bureaucracy of business, there is something here for everyone. I’m sure that police officer is still shaking his head at his misfortune of dealing with me in a full-blown spider dance/fit. That spider was the size of a dinner platter and he was looking at me like I could be his next meal for years. Pets? Mine are flying monkeys in the form of felines. As a retired high school art teacher and counselor, I’ve had plenty of experiences with the adolescent hormones to the horrormones of menopause and cancer. I have a tried and true prescription on how to deal with both. It involves a pillow, tissue, and lots of chocolate.Sit and read a spell. There is something here for everyone. I hope this book of essays will give you a giggle if not a guffaw. Life is hard. We need to do whatever we can to make it softer. Come laugh with me

Life Is Hard Soften It With Laughter